The Chronicles of Jesus: A Chronological Gospel Reading Plan

A 90-day guided reading plan exploring the life of Jesus, covering every event in the order in which they occurred. Although in every gospel, we read of the incredible life of Jesus, we find many of the same stories written by each of these eye witnesses from their perspective, we also find that some of the Gospels include the events in Jesus' life that are unique to their story and no other Gospel includes that event.

Genesis Part 2: Paths & Shortcut

Journey through Genesis chapters 12-22 and learn how Abraham followed God's promises by faith. You will be inspired to follow God in your personal journey. This study includes downloadable questions and a DVD discussion starter.

Hebrews: It's Not Complicated, Jesus Is Better

Hebrews is a 13-week study that focuses on one particular theme, “Jesus Christ is better." Hebrews was written as a sermon preached to Jewish followers of Christ living somewhere in the Roman world. It was believed that they were experiencing great persecution for their faith in Jesus Christ and were beginning to return to Judaism and the Law.

James: Developing a Faith That Works

A 12-week study on the five marks of maturity in the verse by verse study through the book of James. Explore how to be positive under the pressure of problems, learn how to treat people right, and understand why it is our nature to judge others. A weekly video teaching is available.


A 4-week study designed to help you grow in your Bible study skills as you gain insight to this important book. You will discover how to have joy despite difficult circumstances and a group discussion guide will give you the tools to lead your group. A weekly video teaching is available.


REBOOT is a six-week study of Romans 12, which explores five characteristics that God desires for us to live out every day. These characteristics are: (1) Surrender: To God, (2) Transformation: Becoming more like Christ, (4) Identity: Finding who we are in Christ, (4) Community: Finding real community, (5) Overcoming: By surrendering to God, we can overcome evil with good.


A 13-week inductive Bible study through the book of Romans. You will learn personal Bible study skills and gain insights on foundational Biblical truths. This is designed for group discussion that leads to greater insights and understanding.

1 Thessalonians: A Spiritual Road Map in a Mixed Up World

A 12-week study for groups that will unpack topics such as spiritual growth, discipleship, pure motives, spiritual reproduction, loving people of sexual purity, living as insiders while reaching outsiders, spiritual laziness, small group living, and preparing for the return of Jesus Christ. A weekly video teaching is available.


A 6-week study designed to lead group discussion through the book of Titus. Learn how Paul the Apostle instructed and trained a fellow minister of the gospel and important insights for ministry today.