The Afterlife

This study on The Afterlife will help you change your focus from yourself and the here and now to a focus on eternity thereby gaining a deep understanding and gratitude for God's rescue from the certainty of an eternity without him.

The Bible

This study on The Bible focuses on helping you to develop confidence that God's Word can be trusted above and beyond your own feelings, values, opinions, and culture. You will also discover how God has made it possible for you to read and study the Bible and, within its pages, find life-changing truth.

The Church

This study on The Church focuses on deepening your love for and commitment to the church and to see your part in living out the five purposes of the church.


This study on Creation focuses on how each of us was personally created by a loving God. While we will not shy away from the great scientific and theological arguments that surround the creation/evolution debate, the goal of this study is to deepen the awareness of God as your creator.


This study on God focuses on getting to know him - his character, his values and his love, and in the process come to experience him in a powerful and personal way. As you begin this journey, expect that God will use this study to reveal more of himself to you and your group.

Good and Evil

This study on Good and Evil focuses on setting your mind on Victory, understanding the three channels of evil and overcoming evil in your daily life.

Holy Spirit

This study on The Holy Spirit focuses on building confidence in your relationship with God based on the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life. You will see with eyes of faith just how the Holy Spirit is at work in your daily life and how you can be filled with the Holy Spirit each day.


This study on Jesus is all about relationships. As you look at what the Bible says about the person of Christ, you are doing so as one who is developing a lifelong relationship with Jesus.


This study on Salvation focuses on God's solutions to people's need for salvation and their understanding of what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. God's love and provision in salvation offers each of us assurance and security.


This study on Sanctification focuses on three areas of personal growth: trusting grace rather than the law, God's daily processes for growth and teaching how to rely on God's power rather than will power.

The Second Coming

This study on The Second Coming addresses events of the end times, what our attitudes should be and what will happen to believers, the Jewish people and unbelievers.