I. Purpose: 

The purpose of this missions policy is to clarify Family Church’s commitment to evangelism which is stated in the Sutherlin Family Church Constitution and based Scripture (Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 1:8).  It provides guidance for FC leadership and the mission teams’ leaders and members.  It provides guidelines for budgeting, missionary support, local outreach, global outreach and missions trips.

II. Methods:

a. FC will educate members so that they develop a local and global outreach mindset:

i. By raising the awareness of the needs in our local community and take advantage of these opportunities to spread the gospel in North Douglas County.

ii. By raising the church’s awareness regarding unreached people groups around the world and support missionaries financially and in prayer.

b. FC will fund local and worldwide outreach by allocating at least 10% of the annual budget to missions.

c. FC will encourage participation in mission trips to assist field missionaries and to allow individuals to gain firsthand knowledge about sharing the gospel in other cultures.

d. FC will encourage and facilitate development of individuals desiring to follow a training path leading to serving in missions on a long term basis.

e. FC will maintain a high priority on reaching unreached people groups by “adoption” of unreached people groups, by supporting missionaries working with unreached people groups, by supporting mission trips, supporting Bible translation work, etc

f. FC will support projects in our local community as a means of connecting with people and sharing the gospel

g. Although we understand the need for humanitarian support, medical work and other forms of mission outreach we are determined to maintain the priority on church planting.

III. Teams:

a. FC missions effort will be lead by teams which oversee local outreach, global outreach, keep contact with supported missionaries, etc. Teams may be established by the missions leaders as needed, with pastor approval.

b. The Global Outreach Team will coordinate the work of all other teams, groups and individuals that desire to serve in missions, organize mission trips, organize local outreach projects or support SFC’s missions in other ways.

c. The Global Outreach Team will consist of members of Sutherlin Family Church and be led by a member selected from within the team.  The Team is accountable to the SFC lead pastor.

IV. Responsibilities:

a. The Global Outreach Team will present a detailed budget to the FC Leadership Board annually for approval and inclusion in the church budget.

b. The Global Outreach Team will include the FC Leadership Board in all decisions regarding the addition or deletion of any FC supported missionary.

c. The leader of the Global Outreach Team will present a missions report to the FC Leadership Board annually.