CAPRO is a Nigerian-based mission organization that began in 1975. What initially was meant to be a short-term outreach in Northern Nigeria by a group of young zealous Nigerian evangelists, has grown to become an international interdenominational Missions Agency with over 700 missionaries from 26 countries and with operations in 35 countries. CAPRO believes that the work of global evangelization must not be done as an option but as a compulsory mandate from the King of the universe, and no price must be considered too high to pay to execute the mandate of our Lord Jesus. Missionaries from Calvary Ministries are known for their extremity: extreme devotion to Jesus, extreme commitment to the Word of God, extreme passion for the lost, extreme sacrifice for the missions mandate and extreme commitment to honoring the Bride of Christ.

Bernard and Jeanne Sognikin are both citizens of Togo. Bernard began serving with CAPRO in 2003 after the completion of his training at the Inter-African Institute for Missionary Training. After five years of church planting work in northern Togo, he married Jeanne on August 2, 2008. While on assignment in Togo they began preparing for a transition to Mali to reach Mordigues Muslims. However, at that time they received a request from their ministry leader; workers were needed elsewhere. At first they were uncertain about the opportunity, but after prayer the Lord reassured and reminded them of Acts 16:6-10. God caused them to understand that it was not the right time for them to go to Mali, but that He was calling them to serve and reach the Muslim people in another location.