Our group will minister at a specially chosen church, alongside Mexicans, the week we're in Baja, Mexico. Through this church we'll do our ministries & outreaches. By strengthening and working through the local church, our fruit will remain long after we're gone.

In the mornings we will do work projects. This is a great time to serve by improving needy church facilities. By helping churches with their buildings, and by helping new churches that the missionaries are planting, we’ll be participating in true and lasting results for the people of Mexico. Also in the mornings, in addition to work projects, part of our group will have the rare treat of participating in a visitation/prayer ministry where we'll visit homes to get to know how the Mexicans live, see their culture up close, pray, minister and share the love of Christ with them.

For lunch, we'll have the opportunity of eating at the church we’re serving with. This is a highlight as the meal is prepared by the ladies from the church and is really tasty.

In the afternoon we will do a Vacation Bible School Outreach. This is a hands-on time of ministry with Mexican children ranging in ages from 3-12. We'll play games, sing songs, do a puppet show, participate in a Bible Story, and do crafts & snacks. It's a favorite for all.

Several evenings during the week we'll participate in Church Ministry Outreaches we'll sing, share testimonies, do a puppet show, show an evangelistic movie and more. Be prepared to be impacted by the Mexican people we'll serve. In addition to ministry, we'll have the opportunity to see and experience another culture up close. We'll be immersed in the culture, language and people of Mexico. We'll also have a free day with the opportunity to shop, eat out and visit some sites while in Mexico. There are also close-by beaches that are a favorite for all. The beaches are clean, very sandy, and little used. Our trip will also be a tremendous time of group building and fellowship.

If you are interested in more information about Mexico missions, please contact: 

Missions & Outreach Pastor - Craig Hall