Prays regularly for unreached people and those trying to reach them.

1 . Pray for our church and your neighbors.
2. Pray daily for each of Family Church's missionaries and the Krung people.
3. Ask for monthly prayer reports from the Mission Support Team.


Supports those who GO, WELCOME and MOBILIZE by daily caring, praying and giving to meet their needs.

1. Live reasonably in order to financially support God's mission.
2. Write letters of encouragement to Family Church missionaries.
3. Take short-term mission trips to encourage missionaries in their work.


Teaches, motivates and encourages Christians to connect with God's purpose for reaching unreached people groups of the world.

1. Teach or disciple someone weekly.
2. Join one of FC's mission-focused teams.
3. Help lead a short-term or short-distance mission.


Is hospitable to internationals within our community and missionaries that come home from the field.

1. Focus on international families in our community.
2. Invite home-coming missionaries to lunch or dinner, or help meet needs.
3. Set aside a room or more in your home to have a missionary for a short time.


Prepares themselves spiritually, emotionally, socially, intellectually and financially to live in an unreached culture in order to share the message of Jesus.

1. Get informed about the needs of unreached people around the world.
2. Work toward being debt-free.
3. Get a passport.