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We believe that it is vital for our spiritual growth to be aware of the steps we have taken in order to be encouraged, but also challenged to grow to be more like Jesus. Please click the link below and share with us what steps you have taken this month on your spiritual journey.

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SKY CADY - Campus Pastor

Sky Cady grew up in the foothills of Mt. Rainier in the Pacific Northwest. He still loves most of the things he grew up doing - soccer, fishing, hunting, dirt bikes, thrift shops, and baseball cards.  Feeling called to ministry at an early age, he went to Multnomah Bible College for a degree in Biblical Studies and finished his Masters degree in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. With a heart committed to seeking and serving the Lord, he’s been in full or part time ministry for the past 14 years.  Having traveled a bit, he has 40 countries stamped on his passport, and though he’s lived in the UK for 5 years his best British accent sounds like a posh old lady.

Sky has also written two books which can be found on Amazon, “With Cash in my Underwear,” and “Theology of Emotion: God’s design and desire for our emotional nature.

He is married to Jodi and they have two young sons who do a great job of smiling and bouncing around making everyone laugh.